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Why Christians Should Not Support Homosexuality

I returned home yesterday from a nice, relaxing trip to the beach, only to return to social networks filled with debates on homosexuality and marriage. I have seen some defenses for God, but I have seen mostly people calling for equality…even Christians. That is what this blog is going to address. We shouldn’t expect non-Christians to be against gay marriage, but all Christians should be against it. Again, this is mostly why Christians should not support gay marriage, and not just an argument against gay marriage in general.

The first thing that I have seen on the social networks is the new profile pictures of either a cross or an equal sign. The sad thing is I have seen people who claim to be Christians choosing equality over God. You’re choosing to make people happy instead of trying to obey the almighty creator of the world who you claim you follow? You’re deliberately going against what He has declared wrong because you think you know what’s best for humanity better than God does? I liked the way the rapper Lecrae put it in a few Facebook posts yesterday. He put it in simple equality terms and tried to leave religion out of it. He said something along these lines:

What are we basing our idea of equality on? Simply the idea that “we love each other, so we should be together”? What if I love my brother or sister or mom or dad? What if I love a 13 year old? What about an animal? What if I were a polygamist and loved many women? What if two kids loved each other? Do these same rules of equality apply? No. There needs to be consistency on this basis of equality.

The call for equality for homosexuals to get married is actually creating less equality for others who live in other obscure lifestyles and different forms of sin. So before you go and demand for equality, think about what you’re actually calling for. Trust me, it is not equality for all. Christian, you want equality for all? Let God’s word saturate your being, share the gospel with every human being whether black, white, gay, straight, anyone and EVERYONE, God will set people free from their sin, then one day in Heaven we will all have even greater love and equality than you can imagine.

Another sad thing about Christians supporting homosexuality is the fact that God clearly says that it is wrong in the Bible. Again, it comes down to “so you think you know what’s better for humanity than God does?” I’ve seen so much on the Facebook like “Jesus told us to love everyone, so we shouldn’t say a man can’t marry another man.”
First, Jesus told us that the greatest command it to love God with all your heart, soul, body, and mind. Then comes loving people. That is in that order for a reason. We cannot correctly love people until we correctly love God. If we love God, we will love what He has commanded. He has commanded that homosexuality is a sin. So the true love for other people we should have would be to share the gospel with the people who are homosexual so God can free them from their sinful lifestyle. We should not treat that person any different from anyone else, but being a true friend does not require accepting everything they stand for. True friends will correct wrongs for the betterment of that person.
Another thing about the “love everyone like Jesus” statement is Jesus is God! It is impossible for God to be against homosexuality, but Jesus think it’s okay as long as people are happy and we love each other, because Jesus is God. In the story where the woman is caught in the act of adultery, great love and forgiveness is shown by Jesus. As the town people had stones in hand and were ready to murder this sinner, Jesus made the famous “You who is without sin, cast the first stone” statement. What love! What forgiveness! What mercy! But it doesn’t just stop there. As the crowd is gone and there are no persecutors left, Jesus tells the woman to GO AND SIN NO MORE. He does not say “Your sin is okay. Just go on and keep living how you want. As long as you’re happy, then I’m happy.” NO. Jesus commands here to repent from that lifestyle of sin.
One Facebook picture I saw was a side by side picture. One was of people fighting for no gay marriage recently, and one was of people fighting for no racial equality in the past. The caption said something along the lines of “Imagine how stupid you’ll look in a few years.” The only thing about that is nowhere in the bible does it say that being not-White is a sin. The bible does call for racial equality, but you can’t place homosexual equality in the same camp with that because it is very clear in the bible that homosexuality is a sin.
I hate to be cliche here, but it is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve for a reason. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage is most importantly an example of Christ and the church. We, the church, are the bride. Christ is the groom. There is a bride and a groom. Not two grooms. Not two brides.
You cannot be a homosexual and a Christian. How can one who has died to sin still live in it? (Romans 6)
Still don’t believe me with any of the statements? Go read your bible. I find it sad that I’m asking Christians to go read their bibles. That should be a given.

“It’s no different than your sin!”-Why we need the Gospel
The world fails to understand that Christians are not perfect. The moment we tell a lie, God doesn’t exist. But the truth is no one is perfect. That was Jesus. So now we know we are all sinners. How many times have you heard the statement that “my homosexual sin is no different than your sin”? Christians will shoot that down without hesitation. But the sad reality it that this is true. Sin is sin is sin is sin. Christians, we are no better than any gay person on earth. They need the gospel just as much as we do. Tell them how we are all sinners who deserve God’s wrath. Tell them that God sent His son Jesus to pay the debt that we owed by dying on the cross, and that He rose three days later to defeat death and sin. Tell them that we have hope in Jesus Christ now because if we place our everything in Him, we will not face God’s wrath, but we will spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Christian, being against homosexuality does not make you a homophobe, or intolerant, or hateful. It makes you obedient. When you share the gospel in love against these sinful things to help people come to faith in Jesus, that is the kind of love that we are supposed to have. Loving people is showing the love of Christ and worrying about their eternity, not letting them do whatever they want just to make them happy even if that goes against God.

Please, if you disagree, don’t bother commenting. This a not a place for argument.


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